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fentonacademyrp asked —

Please could we get a shoutout? "Hidden away in a small, suburban town in California named Petaluma, lies the esteemed Fenton Academy that demands success and excellence, steeped in tradition and fine etiquette. Behind these ivy wrought gates is where the chosen elite come to play, a world where a Black Amex is as common as the school ID and absolute chaos reigns in the nights." We're a prestigious academy RP with plenty of open characters, accepting within 24 hours of reading the app. Thankyou!


PSD#116 for gifs by Whatphotoshop. Maybe you have to adjust some layers. Please like or reblog if you download! Don’t redistribute or claim as your own,Thank you and ENJOY!{dl}

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my internet was out for a few hours, so… this happened. 

  • fonts used are grand hotel and courier new
  • don’t steal this or redistribute it
  • you don’t need to credit me if using, just don’t claim you made it
  • the gradient is not mine, credit to the owner
  • enjoy!




Under the cut you will find #259 hq, small/medium gifs of Bethany Mota fairly recently. None of these gifs are mine, all credit goes to the creators. Please like/reblog if this helped you.


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warathogwarts-rp asked —

Hi! Do you mind giving us a full review if you have the time? Please and thank you! :)

  • It's on my to-do list, hun.



As requested by anonymous, under the cut is about #140 MOODBOARD gifs for BITCHY/SARCASTIC characteres. None of this gifs were made by me, and all credits go to their owners. Please like/reblog this post if this helped you or you're using it! queue ]


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Anonymous asked —

Hi! I hope you're having an amazing day/night! I was wondering if you knew of any good sites/programmes I can make gifs with? Somehow Photoshop won't work for me. It'd be great if you could help me. Thanks! :)

  • Of course! Here are some sites that might be helpful. (X), (X), (X), (X)



  • gradient pack two: take me to church

this gradient pack is based off of various pictures of asami’s hair that i found which sounds kinda lame but some of them are cute so!! anyway pls like or reblog if u like them or smth and u can download here!!

Full Review for willowtree-rp

“In Florida, there is a town called Willow Tree. Why is it called that you wonder? Because in the middle of the town is a weeping willow. Many believe it is the Tree of Life.”

Note: These are my opinions and should be taken as little more than advice, therefore you are more then welcome to disagree with them. Please like when you’ve read it.

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The faire folk, the fae, faeries—the creatures who live within Lira Forest have been called many things in the legends that have circulated for centuries in the country of Avaleen. But as far as the humans of Avaleen are concerned, these are just the stories their parents told them as children to scare them out of daring to venture into the woods. Most could never imagine the fantastical beings that live just miles from human territory or the vicious war that has waged on between the two faerie courts for centuries. 

The Faire Folk is a literate, 16+, dark, medieval, faerie roleplay, based off of faerie lore. It has frequent prompts and events to aid in character development.