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are you new to photoshop?

Honestly, yes. I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

Can we be friends?

absolutely! I'm really friendly and a very open minded person so don't be shy and send a message whenever. I love making new friends.

Hi, beautiful.

My name is Lydia and I'm here to help you through anything you need. Used to be: roundviewblondiesrph.

Check out what I do and send a request! I'd love to help you! %
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So everyone is asking how I made this dripping effect in this edit and I finally moved my lazy ass up to do this tutorial. And I hope this would be helpful!

Now let’s start :)

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  • You can adjust any layer if you want. Don’t repost it or claim as your own, please respect my work. Give like or reblog if you catch. You can find more psds like this here.


Stylesofrph's gradient pack #2 - Creams
So this is mysecond gradient pack and I really like how it turned out! If you are using these gradients or if you just simply like them, please like/reblog this! Thank you so much!



Under the cut, you’ll find about #690 small/medium .gif hunt of Selena Gomez, divided by the following categories; general, negative, playful, wtf?, excited, affection, dance, misc, and text. All .gifs are 100% roleplayable, and there should be little-to-no repeats, similars, or gray boxes. This hunt pretty much has everything you’ll need for a Selena FC. Like/reblog if you found this helpful, por favor.


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SHELLEYOFRPS presents her seventeenth gradient pack.

Farewell Fighter is a fairly unknown pop-punk/powerpop band that I’ve known about for some time now. They are really great and deserves more recognition, so here are some gradients based off the things they’ve released. In the download link below you’ll find different gradients.

  • Don’t claim as your own (no matter how much you edit them)
  • Don’t redistribute/steal
  • Don’t make an exact copy from scratch and post them; that’s still stealing

Please click that little heart if you use any of them or just reblog it if you wanna share them. Download HERE.


h l l y w o o d h e l p e r ’ s first font pack → hollywood
fonts that have been used for hollywood roleplays in the past

tall dark and handsome; great shadow; shelter me; helvetica neue; one direction; simply*glamorous; xtreem fat demo; little snorlax


PSD#1165 by l-agallerrie

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  • Download here!


Sky’s Color schemes 001 In Bloom

|| e6887e || bd1755 || 540233 || 2a4c6f || 241238 ||


Under the cut you will find around 50+ starters I collected and/or loved through the years of roleplaying. These can be used for any character you’re playing, from outsider to the popular jock, literally anyone. As for me, coming with starters is the hardest thing and sometimes it takes me years to think about one, so this masterlist is to help both you and me. All the starters were taken from bunch of websites and all the credit goes to the actual makers of them. Please, like and/or reblog if you found this useful.

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Contains #118 serious/angry/annoyed small to medium hq gifs of Perrie Edwards. There shouldn’t be any repeats, frozen gifs or grey boxes. None of these gifs belong to me and full credit goes to the rightful owners. Please like and/or reblog if helpful.


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