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First look review for silvercity-rp

"Welcome to Silver City. We cater to your every day needs, from our lavish restaurants to the more sinful of your desires. Come and enjoy your stay. Do not worry, all work can be conducted here. You may never want to leave. Welcome all rich men."

Note: These are my opinions and should be taken as little more than advice. You are more then welcome to disagree with them. Please like this post if you’ve read it.

Plot: Honestly, I really love the plot. It’s way out of the ordinary ones and it’s a hell lot of interesting. Congrats!

URL: Simple and gets to the point.

Theme and Colors: I really like the theme you picked, however I’m not a big fan of the colours you picked. You could always try some different combinations of colours or change the whole colour scheme if you’re up for a change. 

Overall: I really believe that this roleplay has potential and can absolutely thrive with time. Try and make the main page as appealing as possible so it could catch the eyes of lurkers who’ll visit your roleplay. Al the best, dear.

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